Using the Excel Camera Tool

The Excel Camera Tool is one of those tools that often gets neglected by Excel users. However this handy feature  can be used effectively when creating dashboards, to provide detailed ’snapshots’ of your charts.

The Camera Tool is very appropriately described by its title. It allows users to select a portion of their chart and then create a mirror image or snapshot of this segment. The most useful aspect of this feature however is that it allows you to resize the mirror image, and then reposition it wherever you choose.

In order to enable the Camera Tool, you must first add it to your Excel toolbar. This can be done by going to Menu, choosing Tools and then Customize. From there you will need to select Commands, and then go to Tools which will be in the Commands tab. You will then be able to locate a small camera icon, which you must drag onto your Excel toolbar.

When the Camera Tool is enabled, all you have to do is to is select the cells in your chart that you wish to copy. Then click on the camera icon in your toolbar and then click anywhere on the page to display your snapshot. This can then be resized, to provide a larger or smaller image of your highlighted area.


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