Some Background Information on Dashboards (Part 1)

The first Dashboards begin to be used for the purposes of business intelligence in the mid 1980s. However these programs had limited capabilities, and were often limited to executives within an organisation. Since then dashboards have developed and become wide spread.

Dashboards currently fall under the category of Business Intelligence Systems, with multiple layers that are tailored to various users within a company.  They are designed to integrate data from multiple sources, such as documents, communication programs and data files in order to create reports and highlight potential problems.

As business intelligence software developed, programs were able to create basic reports from data files. However these reports were limited to certain areas, and the applications were not capable of creating comparative analyses. Nowadays one of the key features of business intelligence and dashboard technologies is the ability to perform comparative analysis. These multi-layered reports are presented visually. The two key aspects of dashboard technologies are now visualization and integration. In each dashboard key performance indicators are highlighted and displayed, and any changes or complications are immediately visible.


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