Performance Dashboard Presentation ways

Dashboards present information in two broad ways. First, some of the data presented is averaged or summarized. To get to the details of performance, the user must click repeatedly to access detailed information. This is know as “drilling down” and the user might need to drill down through several layers in order to discover the culprit transaction or data that was skewing the averaged summary statistic on the dashboard.

The second way many dashboards present data is by visual status –- most often using the stop lights colors of red, yellow and green to signal status. Once again, the details are missing and the user must drill down to uncover the underlying issues.

With Excel Dashboards, you connect to your raw data which may be residing in multiple excel files or any other database such as Access or SQL database. Information can be averaged or summarized in the dashboard. So it provides a natural path to the detailed information for drililng straight to the raw transactions.


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