Making Use of Excel Dashboard Software to Create an Effective Dashboard

If you wish to layout a dashboard of any kind correctly you will need to understand a few basic design principles. Of course there are a number of fundamental business intelligence principles which must be applied to any dashboard, but have an effective design and having an informative dashboard can often be too very /different things entirely.

For example, a dashboard can be highly detailed and contain a wealth of information and analysis. However, if this dashboard is badly laid out, its overall effectiveness will decrease dramatically, as users will not be able to use it to its full potential. An extremely badly laid out dashboard could be completely useless to the average user, who will find the dashboard unappealing, confusing and probably even irrelevant.

Now that we have seen the possible outcome of/ designing a poorly laid out dashboard, it is time to consider the correct way in which to design a dashboard. Of course the obvious rules which have been discussed in previous posts still apply, such as having correct spacings and appropriate charts. Another fact to bear in mind also however is that studies have shown how the average person regards a page, and which elements of any page receive the longest exposure time during a single viewing. It has been found that the upper right hand corner of  any page receives the most attention, and this can therefore be seen as the most important part of the dashboard.  Therefore good dashboard designers should try to put explanatory notes and other core information about the dashboard in this area.

Now that we have ooked at the possible problems that can arise from


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