Make Your Excel Dashboard Stand Out

Dashboards are primarily business intelligence software applications, and their primary function is to relay data in a clear, concise and intelligible manner. While it is generally recommended that dashboard designers avoid fancy graphics and distracting effects, this does not mean that all dashboards should be bland, boring and ugly. A standard dashboard can be rendered more attractive and user friendly using just a few simple WordArt techniques, without cluttering the display or reducing functionality.

WordArt is best applied to headings and logos, but can also be used for labelling of axes and certain data points. The key to using this feature effectively is to be restrained at all times. While moderate and subtle usage of WordArt can result in a professional-looking dashboard excessive use will have the opposite effect, leaving you with an amateurish mess of colours and shading that will look dated and cluttered.

In order to format your text using WordArt simply go to Insert and choose WordArt. A drop down menu will appear offering you a number of options. Select one and you should then see a box in which you can type. Once you have entered your text you can drag the text box around the screen, rotate and resize it. Once you have placed your WordArt you can always go back and edit it by double clicking on the text. This will provide you with a full set of options once more.



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