How To Make a Good Sales Dashboard

If you wish to make a good sales dashboard, there are a number of things you need to consider. On primary consideration, you will want your dashboard to of course let you know whether sales are up or down. While this should of course be the focus and ultimate aim of a dashboard of this type, fixating on this aspect can in fact be a mistake.

Many sales dashboards make use of gauges to demonstrate whether sales have increased or decreased. However this leaves out a large amount of information, which will probably of use. A line chart demonstrating a visible trend line will be much more useful than a gauge chart, providing you with an overview of your business’ historical performance. However avoiding using gauge charts is not the only error that can be made when creating a chart of this kind.

While you will need a chart that displays your sales trend, you may wish to find out what exactly has caused your decrease or increase in sales. The vast amount of sample sales charts seem to focus almost exclusively on performance, without providing sufficient background information on the various elements that contribute to these results. A well laid out sales dashboard should provide information on sales demographics and other KPIs that influence your sales numbers. They should also make use of charts that can give clear comparisons.


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