How to Create Chart Labels in Different Colors

When it comes to generating a chart in Excel for your dashboard there is a huge range of options and customisable features. This allows users to create charts that are distinctive and attractive, while also giving them the capacity to build dashboards that are perfectly suited to their needs.

One of the lesser known options that is available with Excel is the ability to add colored labels to your charts. This is a very simple procedure which produce a nice effect. Firstly you will have to apply data labels to your chart, and then format them. Then you right click on the data cell in order to open up the formatting options. From here you will have to go to the ‘numbers’ tab. This tab is generally used as a means to specify how you wish to have the digits in a particular cell displayed. For example it allows you to choose a date layout, a fraction format or a scientific numbering layout. However it is also possible for you to use this formatting menu to choose colors for your data label.

In order to do this you must choose the ‘custom’ option from the menu and then enter a specific colour code. For example, if you want to colour all of your negative values in red, but all of your positive data labels in green, you should input [green]+0%;[red]-0%. This is a very straightforward and logical code that can easily be adjusted to suit your requirements. Once this has been done you can then see that the data labels of your chart have been color coded.


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