How to build Excel Dashboards – 3

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Create Dashboard and Table portlet

Once connected, it will show you a list of action items to pick from


We will click on “New Blank Dashboard

In the Dashboard Name, we type in “Order Management Analytics”


Click OK.

It will present you with a table browser showing all the available worksheets as tables


Expand the node to see all the worksheets.

In this example file, we just have one worksheet named “order_data”. Note how, it attaches a $ sign at the end, which indicates this is an Excel Worksheet.

So make sure you do not have any dollar sign when naming the Excel worksheet and no other special characters and no white or blank characters. Replace blank characters with “_” underscore character

Double Click on the “order_data$” node


Click on the “* alias=ord” item at the very top to select all the items


You may change the name of any column or any other property such as sort and group by.

We will leave it as it is and click on the “Create Table” button.

This action creates a Table Portlet (Qlet) in the Dashboard canvas


We will use this Qlet as our basic building block for the following exercise

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