How to build Excel Dashboards – 2

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Launch Dashboard Software and Connect

Launch InfoCaptor Dashboard Software on your Desktop and click on the connect button on the toolbar

Connection wizard for Excel Dashboard

The connection wizard has items that simplify connecting to different data sources.

For Excel Files, Click on the Excel button


Once you click, it automatically selects the appropriate Driver for you


Click on the “Access/Excel File” button.

Select the order_raw.xls file. It populates the connect name for you. But you can change this name. Connect Name is for your reference

NOTE: Make sure that the order_raw.xls file is not open in MS Excel. The Excel file is locked once you connect to it. If the file is open in MS Excel, you may get connected but not able to query and may get unpredictable results.

Now, click on the Connect button
Upon successful connection, the connection wizard disappears and a new action wizard pops up.

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