How to build a Performance Dashboard?

Traditional report layouts made it difficult for managers to quickly see how the Service and business functions were performing. The design of fixed reports are cumbersome and difficult to update. There can also be a lot of formula errors as a result of the amount of manual updating and tasks that need to be done each quarter. Source data was varied and required a lot of time and effort to format it for inclusion in the reports.

The complexity increases when you need to mix-n-match information from multiple Excel Files or different Database such as Microsoft Access.

Producing performance reports can be a real headache. Every week or month the repetitive task of chasing down data sources begins. Then it is passed to someone else for their input. Then there is the process of making sense of the data. However, there is a much better way of reporting performance.

Any new excel dashboard project should have the following objectives:

• To show the charts, showing quarter performance and trends in a graphical format
• To automate as many of the manual processes required in formatting source files and the updating of quarter reports
• To provide better management reports in a consistent format

If you check the below screenshot, you can clearly see that it facilitates instanct visualization for different Time component such as month, quarter or year.

Performance Dashboard



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