How Excel Dashboard can help your business

During the day to day running of your business endless lists of figures are generated, that need to be collected an analyzed in order for you to get an overview of overall performance. Business intelligence software is essential. For example, it is of little use to you to know how much you have expended on insurance for employees during a given period, without also knowing how this fits into the overall picture.

Dashboard software is the best way to combine all of the data that emerges from your business and organise it in a way that is meaningful to you. Excel Dashboard will take in a typical excel sheet and generate charts, graphs and maps that tell you how your business is performing in an instant.

You can also add formatting so that certain figures stand out more than others. You can display more than one chart or graph on a page, allowing easy graphical comparison of key factors that affect your operation.

Some of the many output options that are available to you with Excel Dashboard are:

  • Charts – Thermometer, Gauges, Dials and Speedometer charts can be generated in order to display your data in a useful and informative manner.
  • Additional Charts – Bubble, Waterfall, Bar, Stacked Bar, Pie, Line, Scatter and Polar charts are also available as standard.
  • Dashboard Mockups – You can quickly and easily create quick prototypes and mockups of dashboards, so you can see what your graph will look like before you enter data.

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