Hospital Quality Dashboard

What would you see on a Hospital Quality Dashboard?

New online measurements show how consistently hospitals took recommended steps to keep patients from acquiring infections.

To combat surgical infections, for example, one best practice recommends that patients be given an antibiotic within one hour before surgery. The new data show the percentage of time that each hospital did so.

It is worth noting that a hospital’s quality is more than just the sum of these particular measures. Hospitals provide care for many other illnesses and conditions not addressed on this Web site. The information provided here can help you start a conversation with your health care providers about getting the care you, your family or friends need.

One key aspect important for effective Quality measurement is the capture of data. Once you have a single source of truth as your data source then it is the matter of choosing the right tool to translate that information into Quality Metrics on a report or Dashboard.

You can either export the raw data into Excel and point Excel Dashboard Designer to build your custom Dashboard


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