Excel Dashboard to HTML

Are you looking to convert your Microsoft Excel worksheets into HTML document?

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps in exporting the Excel files to a browsable PDF document.

Launch Excel Dashboard Designer and click on the connect button



In the Driver, pick “Excel File….”

Click on the “Access/Excel File” and pick the access .mdb file

Click on “Connect”


Click on the “New Blank Dashboard”

Give any descriptive name to the Dashboard

Next, it will show the Query browser and list all the available Excel worksheets as individual nodes in the browser. Each worksheet in the excel file will be available as a table.

Double click on any Table that you wish to export to HTML

Next, click on the alias field to select all the columns (you may select individual columns)



Click on the “Create Table” button


Click on the “Tree Browser icon” in the toolbar






Right click on the node name of the table,

Select ‘Export to HTML’

You may select “Queried Rows” or “All Rows” to HTML

Queried Rows: Will export whatever you have already queried in the dashboard. This means if you have put a restriction in the Qlet to pull only 100 records then it will export only 100 rows to HTML

All Rows: This will re-query the database and export all rows in the table to PDF



Here is the HTML output


You can output multiple tables in the same html page

Goto Menu Create >> Query Builder


Click on the Reset Button


Now double click and bring any other tables you may need. Keep repeating the process until you have added all the tables on the dashboard.

Once added, rename the Qlet name by editing its properties (Hint: Right click on the “Name” title and select Edit)



Right click on Each node in the tree browser and select to include in the report



Now right click on the “Access Dashboard” node to export all the TAbles to html web page



This is the Html output with the table names as bookmarks




Changing Colors, Formatting Data

With Access dashboard Designer, you get full control over the formatting options on each individual tables

Right click on the table name and select “Edit”




Download Excel Dashboards


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