Excel Dashboards for Call Center

Some organizations are reducing call center staff to lower operating costs and have fewer agents to do the same amount of work.

In a tightening economy it is difficult to recommend and justify additional call center staff to meet peak period operations.

As a result, companies are seeing lower customer satisfaction ratings, lower service levels and higher than usual number of escalations and complaints in their call centers.

To counteract the effects of staff reductions and hiring freezes, companies are becoming more efficient and effective in their daily routines and tasks. By receiving appropriate information at the agent’s desktop and manager’s dashboard in real time, stakeholders can more efficiently manage their daily workload.

Call centers using Excel Dashboards report a marked improvement in agent adherence to company stated goals, increase in customer satisfaction ratings, and an ability to complete daily tasks. Furthermore, remote or home-based agents have access to the same detailed information as agents in the main center.

Excel Dashboards can be used as desktop tool or a web based solution.


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