Excel Dashboard as an Administrative BI Application

Many people who are familiar with BI applications will be of the opinion that these programs are suitable for business analysis only. They will maintain that dashboard are effective only as sales analysis tools, or to examine profits, expenditure and trading trends. However the facilities provided by Excel Dashboard and other BI applications can be applied to a wide variety of systems, so long as there is data to be inserted and analysis to be performed.

Excel Dashboard is particularly useful as an administrative analysis tool. Managers and supervisors can utilise well constructed dashboards to help keep track of projects and activities, and to supervise team members. Many project based dashboards allow users to view lists of ongoing and completed projects, each of which has been afforded its own dashboard. These dashboard then provide information on the aims of the project, its level of progress and the team members involved. Other information can also include funding and deadline information.

Clearly this sort of application is invaluable to managers in large organisations and businesses. Dashboards have also been created to assist executives of this kind further, by allowing them to combine their scheduling information with their project management dashboards. This ensures that they are always aware of how much time they are devoting to each project, when their next meeting in relation to these projects will take place, and will of course ensure that they can keep track of their meetings and their schedule.


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