Drill from Charts to other charts or tables

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This tutorial explains how to drill between a table to another table

The below article will explain how to drill from a bar or pie chart to another chart or table.

From the tutorial above, we need to prepare the child portlet in order to receive the parameters for drill purpose.

This is true for charts or tables. The key to preparing a “child” or the “drill into” portlet is the use of the filters on the column.

You define filters using the “param” variable.

Consider the following Chart and the detail table


At this point both of the portlets are independent. Let us assume we need to drill from the above bar chart to the table below.

So when the user clicks on any of the bars it should be able to send the country name that it clicked and send that to the detail portlet.

Drilling into Bar or Pie chart involves few more steps than the just drilling between table to table.

1. Prepare the “Drill Into” or the child portlet.

We edit the Details portlet and add a filter condition for the country name


We added a condition to the existing SQL

“and country_name=’param<country,x>’

Click apply and it will show no records as it is now dependent portlet.

2. Note down the portlet id for the child portlet


When you select any portlet, the status bar at the bottom shows the Qlet ID. in our case, the qlet id is “q31″, for charts it starts with a “g”

3. Define the drill link from the parent chart


Edit the chart properties

There is the property “Drill into Portlet”

The default value will be ‘NO_DRILL’

Replace the value with the child’s ID followed by number 2,1

So in our case the string would be {q31,2,1}

Explanation of the format: When you click on the bar chart, the bar transmits two values, one is the actual number value (y axis) and the second is the country name (x axis). The number 2 represents the X-axis value and since in most of the drill you need the X axis value we tell it to transmit the second value first.

click apply and your drill is set.

When you click on the bar, the child portlet will automatically align just below the bar chart.


Similarly you can drill from a Pie chart as well. Other charts are not drillable.


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