Do You Need an Animated Dashboard (cont)

Previously we discussed what not to do when incorporating animations into your dashboard charts. However business intelligence software can be extremely useful and many of its features can add to your reports greatly if used in the correct manner. One of the key uses for an animated chart is as a means to display time development. If you create a chart that demonstrates how a trend evolved over time, this is an excellent candidate for an animation. A movie showing how the situation developed through the medium of your chart would be a highly effective and entertaining way for you to get your message across to the users of the dashboard.

When creating an animated chart, it is important to include certain features. It should be possible to pause the chart at any point, so as to analyse its evolution at every step. It is also important that you animation run smoothly. A flash chart that develops in fits and bursts and has gaps in its data, will prove detrimental to your dashboard. Make sure that your chart operates smoothly and that it has a polished and professional appearance, otherwise it will look unprofessional and poorly planned.



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