Data Security – The Key Risk to Using A Dashboard

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The Dashboard is a business intelligence solution that has taken the business world by storm. IT departments in almost all major organisations are now responsible for creating and maintaining a wide range of dashboards that are distributed amongst the various executives, managers and workers. The benefits of using dashboard solutions are clear, and it is by no means excessive to say that those who do not choose to use business intelligence software today are now in serious danger of being left behind.

However although there are so many widely discussed benefits to dashboard software, there is also one large risk which every company and individual should consider before they invest in any form of dashboard. This risk is of course Data Security. Once you have your dashboard set up and functioning properly, you will have to grant it access to lists of data in order for it to formulate and maintain its charts. If your dashboard updates on-the-fly, you will have to grant it real-time access to all of your relevant data files so that it can update your reports as events happen.

While this is not a problem once only certain approved colleagues can view this data, it can become a huge concern if an unauthorised person were to gain access to your dashboard. If a competitor were to gain access to a company’s dashboards it could prove disastrous for the business involved. Therefore security is a huge priority in business intelligence development, and great pains are taken to ensure that all data is protected at all times.

With ExcelDashboard and with all Infocaptor products, security is provided on a number of levels. Data access can be limited according to preset categories, groups and roles. There are also integral Dashboard parameters that help to protect your data at all times. Certain database features also contribute to the overall security of both your data and your dashboard, ensuring that only the right people see your data, your reports and your analysis.

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