Building Dashboards has never been so easy and economical

Take Baby steps – Invest wisely!

  • Build your dashboard on desktop or PC

  • Deploy your “desktop dashboards” on your intranet or web

You can achieve both of the above steps very economically

  • Get the appropriate Desktop Designer license (Basic, Regular or Advanced)
  • Once satisfied, show and demonstrate in your company or organization
  • Once your management is on-board with the dashboard idea, invest in the web server license

All of the pricing below is one-time fee (except where explicitly mentioned), there is no monthly or recurring billing

Features Basic Regular Advanced
Special Price $37
Build Unlimited Dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Visual Query Builder Yes Yes Yes
Merge Multiple Excel Files on one dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Build Charts and Tables Yes Yes Yes
Build Drills and Parameters Yes Yes Yes
Build Dials/Gauges/Speedometers No No Yes
Export Dashboard to PDF No Yes Yes
Auto-Refresh No Yes Yes
Export to Static HTML No No Yes
Desktop Dashboard Viewers 0 10 20
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Best Dashboard Software at the Best Price

Remember – Take baby steps

Web Dashboard Server

Our desktop dashboards can be easily deployed on our web based version. The web dashboard server allows unlimited Viewers using any browser and works on all types of webserver including (IIS and Apache).

Order your copy of Web Dashboard server – $1297

  • Host on any one domain of your choice
  • Unlimited license to host on localhost or personal desktop
  • Flash based charting engine
  • PHP based Dashboards
  • Easy to customize and personalize