D3 based Data visualizations and Self service Business intelligence

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Organizations are increasingly abandoning thin client mantra and are forced to adopt a mix of desktop based and web based analytic applications.

If you notice around, all major BI vendors are increasingly pushing Desktop based Data visualizations. Providing Data Visualizations, Ad-hoc data discovery all within the browser is challenging and this is the same challenge our team has been working on for over past 12 months.

The challenge for us was multi fold

1. Provide a browser based Data Analysis platform so users do not need to install desktop tools on their machine.

2. Provide in-browser drag and drop ad-hoc functionality

3. Streamline the workflow for getting users from Data to Analysis to published Dashboards

Here are some technical challenges that we had to overcome to get desktop based functionality work within the browser.

1. We wrote a mini SQL/aggregation engine all within the browser to do in-memory analysis for datasets.

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