Choosing The Correct Colour Scheme For Your Dashboard

Categories: Dashboard Tutorial

When using a business intelligence solution like a dashboard it is important to appreciate that they are highly visual media. The first impression that the dashboard makes is based on its appearance, and this is dictated by choice and layout of charts as well as choice of colours.

Of course when you generate a chart for your dashboard, you can allow the colour scheme to automatically be chosen. While this is easier in many ways, it can result in a dashboard that contains a variety of differently coloured charts. This will often look confusing and incoherent, and can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the dashboard. If you approach your dashboard with a particular colour scheme in mind however, you can use the colours to draw attention to certain points and trends in the data. Colours such as red should be used with consideration, as these are often the areas of the dashboard that will instantly draw attention.

Another important aspect in relation to colour schemes in dashboards is the colour scheme used for structural elements such as axes and axis labels. These items should be visible, but should not draw attention. Therefore they need to be coloured in such a way as to be clearly legible, but without dominating the chart. Again it is useful to adopt a universal colour scheme for items such as this across the dashboard. Finally, the background colours of the dashboard and the charts should never be ignored. Ensure that these are neutral and that they contrast with the other colours in such a way as to throw the data into sharp relief.


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