InfoCaptor Simplifies Big Data Analytics for Cloudera Enterprise


Rudrasoft, the software company that specializes in data analytics dashboard solutions, announced today that it has released an updated version of its popular InfoCaptor software, which includes integration with Cloudera Enterprise. The integration takes advantage of Impala and Apache Hive for analytics.

“Our clients are increasingly looking to adopt Hadoop for their data storage and analytics requirements and their common concern is the lack of an economical web-based platform that works with their traditional data warehouses, RDBMS and with Cloudera Enterprise”

Cloudera-certified InfoCaptor, adds native Impala functionality within Visualizer so users can leverage Date/time functions for date hierarchy visualizations, time series plots and leverage all the advanced hierarchical visualization natively on Cloudera Enterprise.

“Impala is the fastest SQL engine on Hadoop and InfoCaptor can render millions of data points into beautiful visualizations in just a blink of an eye,” said Nilesh Jethwa [founder]. “This is a great promise for the big data world and affordable analytics with sub-second response time, finally CEOs and CIOs across industries can truly dream of cultivating a data driven culture and make it a reality.”

“Cloudera welcomes InfoCaptor as a certified partner for data analytics and visualization. InfoCaptor delivers self-service BI and analytics to data analysts and business users in enterprise organizations, enabling more users to mine and search for data that uncovers valuable business insights and maximizes value from an enterprise data hub,” said Tim Stevens, vice president of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera.

InfoCaptor is an Enterprise Business Analytics and Dashboard software meant for:

  • Data Discovery
  • Visualizations
  • Adhoc Reports
  • Dashboards

InfoCaptor brings the power of visualizations and the simplicity of Microsoft Excel and puts it in the hands of a non-technical user. This same user can build Circle Pack, Chord, Cluster and Treemap/Sunburst visualizations on top of Cloudera Enterprise using simple drag and drop operations.
InfoCaptor can connect with data from virtually any source in the world, including SQL database from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and now Impala and Hive. It supports both JDBC and ODBC protocols.

InfoCaptor also serves as a powerful visualization software and it includes over 30 vector-based map Visualizations, close to 40 types of chart visualizations, over 100 flowchart icons and other HTML widgets. InfoCaptor also provides a free style dashboard editor that allows quick dashboard mockups and prototyping. With this ability users can place widgets directly anywhere on the page and use flowchart style icons and connectors for annotation and storytelling.


Users can download the application and install it within their firewall.
Alternatively, a cloud offering is also available at or Download dashboard software


InfoCaptor is a very modestly priced Analytics and Visualization software
” Personal Dashboard License can be purchased for $149/year
” Server license starts at $599/year
” Cloud based subscription starts at $29/user/month

Visit or email bigdata(at)infocaptor(dot)com for Demo and Price list



D3 based Data visualizations and Self service Business intelligence

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Organizations are increasingly abandoning thin client mantra and are forced to adopt a mix of desktop based and web based analytic applications.

If you notice around, all major BI vendors are increasingly pushing Desktop based Data visualizations. Providing Data Visualizations, Ad-hoc data discovery all within the browser is challenging and this is the same challenge our team has been working on for over past 12 months.

The challenge for us was multi fold

1. Provide a browser based Data Analysis platform so users do not need to install desktop tools on their machine.

2. Provide in-browser drag and drop ad-hoc functionality

3. Streamline the workflow for getting users from Data to Analysis to published Dashboards

Here are some technical challenges that we had to overcome to get desktop based functionality work within the browser.

1. We wrote a mini SQL/aggregation engine all within the browser to do in-memory analysis for datasets.

Read more at Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Tool


Review and evaluation of Dashboard vendor’s front page


Dashboardzone just finished reviewing the front page of BI and Dashboard vendors.




Checkout the different use of the bubble word cloud service


vendor words first second third
SAP 270 sap software business
IBM Cognos 169 cognos business software
Dundas 149 dundas dashboard dashboards
Infocaptor 184 dashboard infocaptor easy
Information Builders 272 management data business
Microstrategy 132 free microstrategy software
Logixml 137 analytics logi product
Oracle 243 oracle business learn
Tableau 139 data analytics easy
Pentaho 127 data pentaho analytics
Qlikview 139 qlikview contact support
SAS 197 sas analytics business
Sisense 185 data sisense prism
VisualMining 160 performance business software
Chartio 41 data chartio product
Gooddata 144 gooddata bash data
Jaspersoft 243 jaspersoft analytics 2013
Tibco Spotfire 178 spotfire tibco data

Excel Web Dashboards


InfoCaptor Enterprise is now available to host it on your windows server or your own PC or laptop.

The benefit of this web based dashboard solution are

  • Works with any Excel file as data source
  • Provides wide range of visualizations
  • Built-in collaboration
  • Works in the browser
  • It is beautiful.

Try the online dashboards or checkout the self hosting dashboard software


How would you like your Excel – on Desktop or Web?


We are releasing the web component for Excel dashboards in few days and it is going to solve a lot of pain.

You have your data in Excel, you build a dashboard in Excel Dashboard designer and you can share and distribute the dashboard as PDF or live dynamic dashboard using the “Dashboard Viewer”. This is all fine and perfect.

But how about this scenario, what if you could hit a button and publish the dashboard on your website or intranet or your local webserver?

This web based Excel dashboard is not just a static html page but a real dynamic dashboard. You can access the dashboard using a URL on your browser (Internet Explorer,Chrome, Firefox etc) and view it from any part of the world. It would be as dynamic as you see it when you are designing it in Excel Dashboard Software.

Sounds interesting? so watch out for our web based dashboarding solution for Excel which should be out in few days.

So why bother buying an ebook or a pdf tutorial which tells you how to build a dashboard in Excel when you can get the leading Dashboard software just for the same price and you easily deploy it on your website.