Benefits of Excel Dashboards

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Be a Dashboard Super Hero


“VOW!” Your Boss and Management:

Dashboards will help your Boss look better in front of his own boss (that is your super boss). Yep, the word will spread around. Believe me, Dashboards have that power. If managers like to read your reports, they read them more quickly and carefully, and they learn more about your organization’s performance.

Gain Clarity and Faster Insight:


Using many small charts communicates complex information more quickly. Build a combination of tables and charts including Bar, Pie, Gauges, Speedometers

Show Any Data:


Use it to derive intelligence for Human resource, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Manufacturing

Heterogenous Data

: Pull information from any number of disconnected Excel Files, MS Access Database, Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, DB2 etc.

Drill from Excel Files into MS Access or Access to Excel. Create a drop down parameter using Excel data and use it to filter Access or Oracle or MSSQL or any database. The combinations are unlimited.

Zero Coding

: You can create professional-quality reports without any coding knowledge. You do not need to know Excel formulas or Macros or VBA coding. You do need any SQL knowledge. Just Drag and Drop

Give Managers More Control Over Their dashboard reports:



Create interactive Dashboard report where you can change the parameter value and instantly see the results refreshed.

Use Dashboards that refresh themselves

Save Time and Money

: Invest initial time on creating the dashboard and then just refresh it each week or month. You will see a guaranteed boost in your productivity.



Download Excel dashboards Now


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